What Happens To It?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your other socks while it's in the dryer? When you place them in the dryer, they're together. But when you open the dryer there is always that one sock you just can't find the match too! I don't know what happens to your socks nor do I have a "Missing Sock" theory, but I have found a very cool website that is dedicated to missing socks. Check it out...

Did You Know?

There is no actual inventor of socks because socks have been around for so many years. Each year/generation they just evolved into what we know them as today.

Bishops of Catholic churches wear purple socks because purple is a color associated with nobility.

The Pope wears white socks underneath his bright red shoes

In 2004, a factory in Eastern China produced 3 Billion pairs of socks for Wal-Mart.

Enjoying The Evolution

I hope you've enjoyed this website and learned something from it. The walk through the evolution of socks is interesting and I hope you've found it interesting also. Please pay your socks more attention now. Nurture each pair and show them that you care! They love you, that's obvious because they keep you so warm so return the favor and appreciate your socks.